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Get on the right track this year and learn more about how a Reverse Mortgage Loan can help you. Our current webinar schedule is listed below. Just click one of the links to register or CLICK HERE to receive a call from one of our team members for more information. 

NAIFA Financial Advisor Webinar

DATE: December 29th, 2022  

TIME: 5 pm - 6 pm PST


In today's inflationary new world, is ignoring one of your most valuable strategic retirement assets — your home wealth — really in your best interest? How could leveraging your built-up home wealth to increase retirement cash flow help you to navigate:

  • Rising Gas Prices

  • A Bear Market

  • Rising Food Prices

  • Rising Taxes

  • Unexpected Health Care Costs

Join us to learn how little-known tactics with mortgages, including reverse mortgage loans, and home equity can dramatically change your retirement.


Harlan Accola, National Reverse Mortgage Director, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, and Jim Silbernagel, creator and host of Real Wealth®


You're invited to attend the financial industry's premier event for financial professionals. This event will allow you to connect with other successful advisors, hear from powerful industry leaders, and much more


  • Conference for members and future members

  • Industry-leading sales training from Circle of Wealth® team

  • 100% educational event

  • See a live client meeting using the Circle of Wealth®

  • Learn how the systems can dramatically impact your sales

  • Network with hundreds of financial professionals

  • You can attend virtually without the expense of travel

  • Best way to experience everything Circle of Wealth® has to offer


Plus, learn about a proprietary tool Fairway developed in partnership with Circle of Wealth® and MoneyTrax to give financial advisors a holistic view of their clients' retirement outlook, specifically as it relates to the use of home equity.


This is a Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation promotional email.

On this webinar, you will learn:

· Sequence of Returns Risk

Can your clients use a reverse mortgage in estate planning to increase the legacy to their heirs?

· Advanced Tax Planning*

Are interest, real estate taxes, or MIP deductive when paid? Are deductions passable onto the heirs?

· Life Insurance

What are the best strategies to facilitate life insurance using a reverse mortgage?

· Medicaid & Long-Term Care (LTC) Strategies

Can a reverse mortgage convert countable assets to exempt equity?

Does a reverse mortgage line of credit affect Medicaid eligibility?

*This flyer and webinar do not constitute tax advice. Consumers should contact a financial advisor for their specific situations.

JOANQ- EVENT- FP 1.30.23.png

Hear from clients of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation that have closed on their own reverse mortgage and how it improved their retirement.

JOANQ- EVENT- FP 2.13.23.png

You deserve high-quality care, a comfortable style of living, and a long-term care plan.

Event Highlights:

Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage
We will go over at least 10 different potential advantages a reverse mortgage offers.

Enhance Cash Flow
Discover several different ways a reverse mortgage could enhance your cash flow.

Purchase A Home
Learn how a reverse mortgage could potentially help you buy your next home.

Reverse Mortgage Qualifications
Are you 62+ and have significant equity in your home? Find out what the rest of the qualifications are.

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