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Welcome to our professional community for my financial planner co-marketing partners. If you are not CURRENTLY a co-marketing partner but would like to learn more about becoming one, CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting with me to talk about this. If you want to become a member and have not yet signed up, CLICK HERE to fill out my co-marketing partnership application.


We have designed this space to create a place where you can learn more about what a Reverse Mortgage loan is and how they have the potential to help you grow your business. Please take the time to review our resources below and make sure to check back periodically to see what's new. We will be sending you a newsletter monthly too with links to all our newest webinars and other resources.


If you are interested in promoting YOUR business to our clients and prospects, please CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting with me to talk about becoming a co-marketing partner. We promote our partners by adding them to our e-new, podcasts, profile on our website and resources page on our website.  (All promoted companies must be approved by our corporation)