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Thank you for choosing to learn more about the options available to you with a Reverse Mortgage Loan. You will learn about: 

  • What a Reverse Mortgage loan is

  • The different types of reverse mortgage loans available

  • How other people have used reverse mortgage loans to reduce their monthly expenses, purchase a new home, or help keep more of their retirement funds in their investments

Often people think that they should wait until they are much older than 62 years old to start the process of getting a reverse mortgage loan. Generally, you get more money with your loan the older you are, but there are many factors involved that can help you determine the best time to get a loan. After you watch the webinar below, make sure to either call Joan at (360) 271-5946  to schedule a NO-OBLIGATION one to one zoom call or CLICK HERE to schedule one online to help you navigate your situation. 




We Love Our Home Equity Conversion Mortgage: A Consumer's Point of View


Hear from clients of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation that have closed on their own reverse mortgage and how it improved their retirement


What Could The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Mean For Your Retirement?


You deserve high-quality care, a comfortable style of living, and a long-term care plan.

Event Highlights: 

Advantages of a Reverse MortgageWe will go over at least 10 different potential advantages a reverse mortgage offers.Enhance Cash FlowDiscover several different ways a reverse mortgage could enhance your cash flow.Purchase A HomeLearn how a reverse mortgage could potentially help you buy your next home.Reverse Mortgage QualificationsAre you 62+ and have significant equity in your home? Find out what the rest of the qualifications are.

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